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Family Law – The Law of Domestic Relationships, Families, and Children

Family Law is a broad term describes the web of rights, obligations, and responsibilities that govern marital and non-marital relationships.

Relationships can come to an end, often with serious conflict regarding children, money, or even the validity of the marriage itself. Military service members and dependent spouses face their own unique issues, as do families who wish to open their homes and hearts to adoptive children.

Some spouses and partners want to avoid conflict altogether and negotiate an amicable resolution to their divorce, and today, more and more engaged couples are negotiating premarital agreements (also called prenuptial agreements) so they have an emergency backup plan in place to avoid excessive conflict and litigation in the event their marriage ends.

Unfortunately, sometimes even the best of intentions succumbs to human emotion and feelings, which all-too-frequently result in domestic violence by one spouse against the other (or both spouses against each other), and not always the stereotypical male-perpetrated abuse.  Nowadays we see more domestic violence initiated by women than ever before.  And to top that off, we also see far too many false allegations of domestic violence by one partner against the other, in an attempt to gain an advantage in family court over possession of a family home or custody of children.

We consider Family Law to be the most personal, intimate area of law most people will ever experience, and with the highest levels of conflict. We face disputed issues related to people's children, their homes, cars, bank accounts, personal property, life insurance, investments, retirement accounts and pensions, IRAs and 401Ks.  And we also have to resolve disputes regardingfinancial support, such as child support, spousal support (aka "alimony"), and who pays the attorney fees.  Plus, there can often be conflict resulting from the difference between what a divorcing party wants and what his/her attorney is able to accomplish under the law.

Family law attorneys counsel, strategize, negotiate, and litigates family law issues for their clients, doing their best to level the playing field and helping their clients preserve the futures they want.  Our website describes many of those issues, and we encourage you to browse our site and all of the information it contains. You can click the subjects in the sidebar to the right (in your computer browser) or down below (on your phone or smart device) to learn more.


California Will & Trust is here and prepared to assist you when you need us. We'll help you take control of your future and put together that Will or Living Trust estate plan you've been meaning to create. We'll stand by your side and guide you through the Probate process or administering a trust if your loved one or friend has passed away. And we'll help you face the challenges of a family law matter. You can either get started online using the links on this website, or you can call us at (707) 207-4500 or (925) 465-2500.

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