Not just for the rich and famous, an estate plan is vital to direct what will happen to you, your property, and your family when you die or become unable to make your own decisions. Depending on your needs, we prepare simple and complex customized estate state plans individuals, married couples, and registered domestic partners.


Our estate plan packages include: 

- Living Trust
- Will or Pour-Over Will
- Durable Power of Attorney
- Advanced Health Care Directive
- Nomination of Guardian For Children
- Power of Attorney for Children

- Children's Trust or Sub-Trust
- Special Needs Trust
- Charitable Trust

- Elder Law Planning
- Other Specialized Instruments



Probate is the legal process that occurs through the courts after a person (the "decedent") dies, whether or not he or she had a will. Probate includes collecting a decedent's assets, notifying creditors, paying liabilities, and distributing the remaining assets to beneficiaries and heirs. We guide executors and administrators throughout the probate process until the estate has been completely resolved. And we assist beneficiaries in making sure their gifts are received.

Our probate services include:

- Probate Administration

- Estate Administration

- Estate Litigation

- Guardianship & Conservatorship

- Community Property Characterization

- Intestate Succession

- Trust Administration & Trusteeship



Family law is the web of rights, obligations, and responsibilities that govern marital and non-marital relationships. Relationships can come to an end, often with serious conflict regarding children, money, or even the validity of a marriage itself. Military service members and dependent spouses face their own unique issues, as do families who wish to open their homes and hearts to adoptive children. Some spouses and partners want to avoid conflict altogether and negotiate an amicable resolution to their divorce, and more and more engaged couples intend have a prenuptial backup plan in place in the event their marriage ends.

Our family-centered law office counsels, strategizes, negotiates, and litigates family law issues for our clients, leveling the playing field and helping them preserve the future they deserve.

Our family law services include:

- Divorce (Dissolution)

- Legal Separation

- Annulment (Nullity)

- Child Custody & Visitation

- Child Support

- Spousal Support (Alimony)

- Property Division & Debt Division

- Community Property Characterization

- Premarital (Prenuptial) Agreement

- Postmarital Agreement

- Marital Settlement Agreement

- Mediation

- Domestic Violence Restraining Order

- Modification of Judgment / Order

- Military Divorce



When you're ready to discuss how your assets, finances, and healthcare should be handled when the time comes, we're here to help put your wishes into place and give others the proper instruction and authority to carry them out.  When your loved one has passed away and you need an attorney to probate the estate to ensure everything is done legally and in order, we're at your service.  And when you're faced with a family law issue that needs to be resolved, whether in court or outside of court, we'll advocate for you fiercely and assertively to get you the results to which you're entitled.



Every new client engagement begins with an initial consultation. But sometimes, getting started is the hardest thing to do, especially if you've never needed the services of an attorney before.  We've given you three easy ways to reach out to us below:


(707) 207-4500  or  (925) 465-2500


Fill out the simple contact form below and click "Submit"


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When you meet with us for your initial consultation, we will spend approximately an hour with you discussing your situation in-depth, analyzing the legal issues you face, and give you real legal advice. We'll walk you through your legal rights, obligations, and responsibilities. We'll tell you what you need to know and give you real answers, and not some slick, high pressure sales pitch or pressure to retain. You can retain us if and when you're ready.

We offer an initial consultation with our attorney at no charge for any client to discuss your estate planning needs.  If this is your first visit with us to discuss your probate or family law matter, we offer clients a one-hour initial consultation with our attorney for a discounted flat-fee of $250. And if you hire and retain us to represent you, we'll credit back the consultation fee to your retainer so that it costs you nothing  (minimum retainer required).


If you think you can’t afford to talk to a lawyer, consider the alternative and then think again. Your children, your assets, your income, your healthcare, and your future are all too important to leave to them to chance. In most cases, the reality is that you can’t afford NOT to talk to a lawyer. Our consultation service provides you with affordable access to an attorney, so that you can at least start the process on the right path and have a better understanding of what needs to be done and how best to proceed to protect yourself and your family.


In these uncertain times, estate planning is more necessary than ever to provide some certainty for your family's future.  And the reality is that probate and family law matters will continue to arise even in the face of this new pandemic. As an essential services provider, California Will & Trust will continue to work diligently for our clients, using all the safeguards possible. We now offer remote/virtual consultations and meetings, e-signature services, screen sharing, and, of course, email, and we use appropriate social distancing for any in-office contact that must occur. We continue to be at your service, albeit in a modified way, and provide the assistance you need. And we have just added a new do-it-yourself online estate plan service for clients who prefer the convenience of preparing their wills and trusts from the comfort of their own computers, tablets, or smartphones, 24 hours a day.




Solano: 707-207-4500

Contra Costa: 925-465-2500

Attorney Gary D. Sparks, the founder and owner of California Will & Trust, is an accomplished lawyer who has successfully provided legal services and representation to families, husbands, wives, parents, military service members, and same sex partners for nearly two decades. Gary was a regular radio guest for several years on the top-rated Ronn Owens Program on KGO-AM 810 in San Francisco, and has been interviewed by local and national publications in addition to publishing several of his own legal guides.


Gary graduated first in his class from John F. Kennedy University School of Law, where he was awarded magna cum laude honors for excellence in academic achievement and received numerous scholarly awards. He clerked for the Family Law court while in law school and served as the managing editor of the Law Review. This background, combined with his own highly contested custody case as a divorced father which inspired him to attend law school, gave Gary valuable insight and experience into the inner workings of our legal system, flawed as it may be. 


Gary enjoys legal research and analysis, and is highly skilled at presenting oral argument in court. He is active in community service and is an ardent supporter of students in public education.  He is a recipient of the Unsung Hero Award for his past efforts with the Vanished Children’s Alliance to locate, recover and reunify missing and abducted children with their families.


In these uncertain times, Gary is committed to providing his clients with the peace of mind and some certainty in knowing that their assets will be preserved for their families, and that their last wishes and instructions will be clearly established and then followed. And through the use of smart technology, he can perform many services virtually, and even meet with clients via video conferencing, to keep everyone safe and healthy during the current health crisis. 

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