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Gary's in court performance was exceptional. He's worth every dollar. ✩✩✩✩✩

After letting go our 1st attorney, a family friend referred Gary to represent our difficult custody battle. Our case involved a 2-Day trial in which Gary's in court performance was exceptional. He had an entire outline laid out to perfection. The trial preparation was well constructed. Before the judge ruled in my favor, I referred Gary to a friend who was going through a similar situation... just heard that my friend had a favorable ruling as well.

Just words to those considering to retain Gary... understand that typically lawyers have other cases that have hearings prior to yours, so if there's a delayed response, take into consideration that your case isn't always at the top of their stack. Though our situation is a pressing issue, just stay the course and trust the process. Gary will not take your case if he doesn't feel confident that he will put together the best case possible that will put you in a position to have a favorable ruling.

Though I hope I don't ever have a need for Gary's services in the future... but if I do, there will be no hesitation in retaining him again. He's worth every dollar.

– Travis J. | Concord, CA

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