California Will & Trust is pleased to announce that we now offer simple, affordable, Express online (self-prepared) estate plans in addition to our traditional estate planning services.


  1. Register online

  2. Complete our simple and thorough questionnaire

  3. Our system creates your express estate plan and we send it to you

  4. Optional: request our attorney to review your estate plan documents

  5. Optional: request a consultation with our attorney and our attorney will draft your estate plan documents, and consult with you along the way to ensure your plan is perfect for your needs


Unlike some of the popular online legal service websites, whose primary goal is the mass-marketing of legal documents, we do not use generic,
fill-in-the-blank forms for your estate planning, living trust or will documents. Our documents are state-specific and highly customized to your own personal situation, and created by you on your own computer.


The language in our estate planning documents, and the important provisions they contain, were drafted by attorneys to ensure that our clients receive effective, legally sound instruments that are enforceable and affordable. The online Interview uses context-sensitive question and answer screens so the estate planning program knows the proper questions to ask based on your answers to the previous questions. 

You have the option to have your estate planning documents reviewed by our attorney. You also have the option to enter all of your information during the Interview, and then have our estate planning attorney prepare the documents for you, consulting with you along the way to ensure that your plan is suitable for your needs and wishes. 

We are the only online living trust and estate planning service provider that will permit you to fully see what you are getting before you pay.


You may select one of two additional options:


Attorney-Reviewed Plan:  Our attorney will thoroughly review your estate plan for accuracy and to ensure that it matches your particular needs and wishes.


Attorney-Prepared Plan:  Our attorney will consult with you about your needs and wishes, and  you complete the basic data online. The attorney will then review your data and your input from the consultation, and then craft the estate planning documents for you.  Finally, the attorney will consult with you along the way, and carefully explain all of the documents to you. If requested, we can also assist you with the funding and title transfer of your assets.


Your Express online estate plan package includes all of the necessary state-specific documents to fully create an effective, all-encompassing estate plan, living trust, or will, including HIPPA-compliant health care powers (incorporating a "living will") and the deeds to transfer property.

Click HERE to see a complete list and description of the documents included in our living trust estate planning packages.


Our prices are affordable and reasonable for the service we provide, and there are no hidden "add-on" fees or sneaky costs, which is why we advertise the costs publicly on our website. The only additional costs you can expect are minor recording fees, DMV fees, administrative fees (if charged by your financial institutions), and additional service fees if you want our office to manage the funding and title transfer process for you instead of doing it yourself.


Click HERE for our estate plan pricing information.