Save Money Today – Build Your Own Living Trust, Will, Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Time and expense are the two most common excuses for why people don't have an estate plan for themselves. But that's no longer the case. Now you can save both time and money, and protect your property and family at the same time, using our newest innovative service to quickly create your estate plan online.

Build your own estate plan today on our website, with documents created by an attorney, with an easy-to-follow intelligent interview that will guide you to create your plan in no time at all. Whether you want a complete living trust package, or simply just a power of attorney or health care directive, we'll help you produce the right legal documents that meet your needs.

These are not generic, fill-in-the-blank papers like you'll find on some of the mass-market websites; rather, your plan is customized to your individual needs, with provisions written and created by an attorney, so that you have legal instruments that accomplish the job efficiently and effectively. And, you have the option to have an attorney review the documents before they're finalized, or even to have an attorney draft the documents for you based on the interview answers you provide.

Ready to learn more or create your own documents? Click HERE to get started.

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